Summer Doldrums and Back to Piecing!

Well!  I just love summer.  No rain, HOT HOT HOT.  It is 2:49 CST and 100 degrees – low humidity – but hotter than heck!  Does that tell you something about my frame of mind?  I am already for winter and it is just 3 Aug!  I do hope it snows in Arizona this winter.  I will just go outside and sit in a chair and get freezing cold!  This is going to be a brutal summer here in lovely South Texas!  I had decided to not walk for a while, but without my daily dose of endorphins, life is just not the same!  So on the road again to see if I can meet my 7 day a week walking goal!  The miles and steps add up quicker that one would think.  But one must endure pain to obtain gain – think the original saying was “no pain – no gain”.  Well, I have had enough of all the “GAIN” I ever want – thank you!  The word GAIN to me is more related to Clay’s Ham Radio vocabulary!  I think they call that “antenna gain”….. ENOUGH.  I think I sound like a bad Monday Blogger  (LOL).

I have been working on 2 projects now –  Brinton Hall and Stonefields – but now my hands and arms have now given out.  What in the heck does an old lady with Carpel Tunnel, Dorsal Wrist,  Ulner Nerve, and Fibro expect anyway – a body to work like a 30-year-old?  Forget that one.  I would have the surgery on my hands, but already been there done that one and do not want anymore of the “fixes” that do not work.   I just love the braces – so pretty and confining.   Should be fun to see if I can work on my EPP projects with these hummers!

Broken Hands
Lovely Braces for Non-Working Hands


So now I will find a piecing project to work on during the day and hand work at night – just as soon as the pain goes away.  This morning I went through my patterns (ever want to wonder why we purchase so many) that I will be taking on the winter trek to snowsville (see I can be positive).   I hate to open the drawers and see all those lovely patterns and most of them are hand work.  I think I need to have a pattern sale someday.

I finally found OMIGOSH! Here,  Afternoon Delight Here , and Twirly Balls and Pinwheels  Here from Sue Garman.    I think that I was on a roll when I ordered all three (3) in March 2014… now I am going to review the patterns, see if any of the 3 could absolutely drive me completely crazy and go for it.  If not, then the fall back will be a quilt that I have been wanting to make for 4 years – I first saw the quilt in a Tucson Arizona quilt store.  The name is Desert Nine-Patch from Timeless Treasures Here.  The pattern was free but no longer on their website – let me know if anyone wants a copy – think I downloaded it.    It is not a difficult pattern – lots of 9 patches.  Hum, wonder if I can find that pattern (thought I had lost OMIGOSH! this morning when I found it in the package with my Blue Snowmen from Curtis Boehringer)…. see too many patterns – so little time!  I have a method of making sure that when I purchase fabric for a specific quilt that I keep the pattern with the fabric – the only problem is that sometimes I forget that I do that!  Enough of this too!

Back to Brinton Hall.  I had started on the “beige” hexagons around the Medallion for Brinton Hall – This is what I started working on last night before the pain set in during the night with the hands.  I will have to put this aside for a few days for the hands to settle down.  I think that I tense up when I sew them together.  (another thing to work on – relax when doing hand work).  Does anyone have any tips on how to not tense up doing EPP?

First Row
Adding the Beige Hexagons to the Medallion

On to Stonefields.  I do not know how other quilters are, but sometimes I just need to have 2 or 3 projects going – especially since I am aware of what happens if I work on hand work for 2 weeks straight!  I prepared the first 13 blocks and have completed 7 of the 13.  The are quick and easy so maybe I will be through with this group by Wednesday or Thursday (dream on teenage queen!).


Blocks 1-7 Stonefields
Blocks 1-7 of Stonefields Quilt

I had decided to use my  Prairie Rose fabric for this quilt  (I have enough to start a quilt store) but quickly realized that I will now have to include other fabrics.   There are 121 blocks in this quilt so this is going to be a stash buster!  (I can see an overload coming for the RV – hope the tires hold up.)  It appears that this quilt will be made with a lot of different fabric lines of Reproduction fabrics.  This will be a fun quilt to make – not difficult and really challenges one on fabric selection.   When I purchased the fabric last year,  I also purchased the pattern that was designed for this fabric line so I will make that quilt with the fabric (someday) – see nothing goes to waste with Quilters.

Well, I am sure if you have made it to the end of this Blog that hopefully you have had a chuckle or two from my lovely Monday.  I can hardly wait until 4:30 PM – that is when I turn into a recliner person and veg there the rest of the day (after supper of course).  Football starts next Sunday and I am happy about that – wonder if the Cowboys will be able to make it to the Super Bowl…..So glad that Brady got caught – hope he stays out the full 6 weeks.  (Oops – there might be some Patriot fans out there – sorry) (LOL).

I hope that your Monday went well and that you accomplished at least one goal for the day.  Mine was to get out of bed!  SUCCESS.


10 Replies to “Summer Doldrums and Back to Piecing!”

  1. I love all those patterns you showed. You can always ship a box of projects to your winter location, that way the RV won’t be overloaded. You don’t want to have a breakdown on the way. Hope your hands/wrists feel better soon.


  2. You know, I had not thought of that…I wonder if I could rent a quilting room for 4 months somewhere – to put all that fabric. I have so many of Sue’s patterns. It is time for me to get serious and do some of them. Of course most of them are applique patterns.


  3. Like you I can’t wait for the cooler weather. Summer is nice but the heat and humidity really makes a girl cranky and/or lazy!

    As for sewing hexagons I find that if I use a long, thin needle it is much easier on my hands. I’ve used applique needles and they are good but the milliners needles (size 10) are much better for my hands.


    1. If I thought it was hot yesterday…..I should have just taken a portable shower with me this AM. I am using a size 10 wonder if my 11’s would help. I purchased these needles especially or EPP projects. I had forgotten that I had slipped when getting in the tub the other morning after my great walk and jerked my back, I must have really tensed up and put pressure on my right arm….I should be better in a few days. Thx for the tip will try the Milliner 11’s. Thx for commenting.


  4. An Australian called Sue Daley has videos on you tube with tips to reduce tension when doing hand work as well as some great patterns and papers


    1. Sorry for the late reply to your comments. I found Sue Daley on youtube – thank you so much for the tip. She does have great patterns. Just need to find the youtube video on reducing tension when doing hand work.


  5. Hope your hands are better. I see we have similar taste in quilts. I finished Afternoon Delight in May, but do not have binding on (1it is /2 hand work). Really enjoyed making would love to make again in brights. Just organizing Stonefields to start, but I got it as a BOM from Homestead Hearth (will be much like orig). Thinking about getting Omygosh! pattern. Love Sue’s work.


    1. I have so many of Sue’s patterns and they are on the list…… that won’t quit! I have been working on becoming better with the smaller blocks and then will tackle the Omygosh! The first quilt I saw of Sue’s was “Mama Said”. A quilter I met while traveling in Oklahoma was making it and I had to have it. I was a beginner then. Sill waiting to work on it. There is an appliquer in the South Texas area who finished the quilt and showed it in the SA show – won Blue and I think Best of Show. Beautiful work! Sue is a sweet person and her work is wonderful.


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