Clarification on Hexigon Crowns for Brinton Hall

On my previous post, I talked about how I clipped the hexi’s to my template.   After doing this I then sewed the Hexi Crown together before I appliqued it to the 10 1/2″ block.

I tried to put them together looking at the pattern, but kept making mistakes by sewing the wrong edges together,  so for me this was a way that I could pick up the first 2 hexagons, sew them together, then add the next one, etc, without making errors.

After the Hexi Crown was sewn together, I placed it around the block where I had drawn a line and then ran a basting thread to use as a placement guide on the right side of the 10 1/2″ block.   I pinned the Hexi Crown to the block and then did the applique.    This process really helped me.

Karen H ( really helped get started on this project and is very helpful.  Bloggers are so very very helpful with their tutorials.

Have a great week.

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