A Love Affair With Fabric and Australian Quilt Patterns

OK – how many Quilters out there REALLY need more fabric.  Why is it that we do not run to our “stash” to make all the new projects even when fabric is so expensive now?  My excuse is that I am still building on my stash. (Hum – after 15 years of starting this Hobby – still building?)   When I received my Stonefields Quilt Pattern, I knew that I would try to use my stash, but not sure on the background fabric.  I had purchased Prairie Rose last year while I was building my Reproduction Stash.  Now I have decided to use that fabric line to make Stonefields.  About 2 weeks ago on a quick outing to a local quilt store I found some P&B Apple Cider 13 fabrics that was the perfect background for Stonefields.  I purchased what they had and then went cruising on the Internet.  First stop was Web Fabrics (Carly) (www.webfabrics.net) in Purcellville, VA.  I decided that I wanted the same design but a lighter color to add to the background to prevent it from becoming “boring”.  Here are the two colorways of the Apple Cider 13.


Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt
Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt


I have been purchasing fabric from Carly since the early 2000 when she first started her on-line business.  She is wonderful to do business with.    (At that time I was in love with Patrick Lose’s Moda Marbles and Marble Mates.)  Last week Carly sent out a newsletter offering some Dutch fabrics at a great price.  The fabric line is Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman  Well, the temptation was too great –  I just could not help myself.  I ordered a yard each of 3 pieces of the line.  I received that fabric within a few days and I really like it because it can be washed as it does not have the “glazed” look of the Den Haan & Wagenmakers BeHeer Dutch Chintz from Happiness is Quilting in Plano, Texas.   I was really good to me last year because I purchased a nice stash of the Den Haan and Wagemakers for the Di Ford Mystery Quilt of 2014.  Here is a picture of the fabrics:

Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)
Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)


Dutch Chintz Happiness is Quilting
Dutch Chintz (from Happiness is Quilting)


The Dutch Chintz is a glazed cotton (polished cotton) and sells for $39.00 a yard.  The Dutch fabric from Web Fabrics sells for $21.00 a yard and is not glazed (or polished cotton).  I have really loved myself this past year haven’t I?  I blame Quiltmania, Australian Quilt Patterns, and getting hooked on Reproduction Fabrics!

I am now preparing  to really dig in and catch up on my quilting.  I plan on working on Dear Jane, Stonefields, Dutch Treat, Di Ford’s project, and probably 2 other projects when we travel to Arizona this winter.  Of course, I need to get out of the “planning” stage and get into the “working stage”!  I have now finished ironing my additional Enduring Legacy, Prairie Rose, and P&B Apple Cider and hoping that I quit purchasing and start quilting!   Poor Capt Aust is still hanging around and am sure he will go with me to Arizona (LOL).

Have a great day and enjoy your quilting projects.  I hope that I have added something to your quilting world and inspired a Quilter.  Quilting keeps Quilters sane – I am convinced!

One Reply to “A Love Affair With Fabric and Australian Quilt Patterns”

  1. I do like your fabrics. Looking forward to seeing them in their respective projects. I too am doing Stonefields and it is entirely out of my stash. I saw fabric I forgot I had. I like your background fabrics, use both for texture.


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