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Greetings from “almost” winter time in Texas.  I am testing the waters to see if the Bloglovin link shows up.  

I have completed Darryls Bean Pot Quilt and it is loaded in the long arm frame and I have half of it finished.  Of course – as with everything this year – the regulator went off on its own and now I am in the process of ripping some stitches out.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be quilted and the binding completed by Tuesday

This is not the best picture, but it is a start.  I had fun making the blocks and the quilt.  Now to get it finished.

.  image


Of course, now I am behind with Threads of Memory and late in starting new projects.  I would love to purchase the Stonefield’s pattern, but need to gather some quarters up for that one!

Have a great evening and Thank you to all Veterans.

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  1. The “Bean Pot” is lovely Nanette. That is such a nice thing to do for your step-son. I hope the stitches have been taken out now and today is a new day and the regulator behaves himself. Have a good day. Thank you to all of our Veterns also.


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