Fat Quarter Stash and the Bean Pot Blocks

Greetings from South Texas – where the weather is TRYING to turn into Fall, but cannot quite make it.  But it is so much better than the 100’s!

It looks like I have 10 more days before I really become OLD!  Yup – Halloween will be flying on my broomstick at the age of 70!  Great age if one can still enjoy retirement, quilting, and spending time with Hubby.

Last week, I  decided to order some fat quarters and was still looking for Richmond Reds to be on sale!  When I started working on Di Ford’s I purchased 2 and 3 yard pieces and then I started working on reproduction blocks.  I could have used a lot of fat quarters instead of doing what I did.  I was lucky and found some great bargains.  Here are some of the bargains I found:

Whittles Civil War Background Fat Qtrs
Whittles Civil War Background Fat Qtrs
Bear Creek 19th Century Shirtings
Bear Creek 19th Century Shirtings


I finally found a good bargain for the Richmond Reds – I was so excited.  I love this line and the Ladies Albums by Barbara Brackman.

Richmond Reds
Richmond Reds – Finally

Now for the real deal – 48 Jo Morton Fat Quarters – They are from some of the older lines – but who cares – I just love the fabrics.

More Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs 2
Jo Morton FQs

In this bundle I found two border prints that I really liked and wish I could find them  – they just might work with Di Ford Quilt.  But I am sure that they are long gone, and I am not sure which line they are from.  Need to do some Dick Tracy on these.  Maybe I would be lucky and find a few yards in someone’s sale bin.

Jo Morton Border 2
Jo Morton Border
Jo Morton Border 1
Jo Morton Border

OK – Here we go – an update on my Alexander’s Bean Pot blocks!  I have finished 16 blocks – I am thinking that 30 total will make a nice lap quilt for Darryl.  I am hoping to get this one finished and quilted by Halloween.  Wish me luck.  I am really enjoying making this little quilt – not only that it is for Darryl, but the fact that it is fun selecting the fabrics and then making the block within an hour – Nice to see a finished block that did not take 6 hours because of issues!

Sylvester's Bean Pot Blocks -16
Sylvester’s Bean Pot Blocks

The sashings will be fun to make too.  They will be corner 9 patches measuring 2 3/4″ – OH BOY….  I was working on Block 17 when I realized that I had played too much with this one – I was intrigued with the light color fabric and messed up! I also loved the idea of “fussy cutting” the SnS corner blocks – Well  YUP – I put the light where the dark should have been and the dark where the light should have been!  But – hey – I rather like the look for another project.

Bean Pot Boo Boo
Bean Pot Boo Boo

Well, hope everyone has a great evening and keep on quilting!

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