Sentimental Scraps Project – August 2014

I started a post on 11 August 2014 – Where has the time gone? I was under the weather (as they say) for about a month, then here came the Dentist and the 6 month checkup’s and the Austin Quilt Guild Show! WOW. I am so looking forward to next Tuesday (23 September) as I will be through with Doctor visits (not the Dentist yet). At least I will have an opportunity to become BORED? One thing I will not miss is all those wonderful trips to San Antonio and having to rush and leave by 8AM! Reminds me of going to work!  The longer I am retired, the less I enjoy having to be somewhere at a certain time.   Of course the exception to this rule is when there is a Quilt Show to attend!

So let me see if I can remember who I was, where I was and what I have accomplished. Until I read the draft of 11 August, I did not realize that 5 weeks since I finished putting 230 each – Three Inch (3″)  9 Patches for my Sentimental Scraps. At that time I put all in a box for a later date to finish.   I will wait until things have settled down before I put the quilt together as it may end up in a Quilt Show and I do not want to mess it up!   I still have quite a few of the 1 1/2″ x 5″ strips left over. Might make a scrappy rail fence – any ideas?

Sentimental Scraps 9 Patches
Bucket of Sentimental Scraps 9 Patches
Sentimental Scraps Alternating Blocks
Sentimental Scraps Alternating Blocks

Having a Blog is really neat as it is a great way to document and share our progress on projects.   I  enjoyed working on this project, although my friend Jaydee finished hers first and I hope mine is not still in the box at Christmas……Speaking of Christmas… I certainly hope I can make at least one Christmas project before December 25, 2014.  This was a goal in January 2014, but things do happen that we cannot control, so maybe I will finish a Christmas project  by January 2015 and say – “wow, am I ever ahead this year”.  LOL

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