Choctaw Casino – Here we come!

When I decided to become so organized in 2014 with my quilting that Murphy is just sitting around to destroy that plan!

I THINK I remember sometime in mid-April when I was frustrated with a Austen Family Quilt Block.  WELL, that is nothing compared to where I have been since 22 April 2014 at 12:29 PM!

On that day, our lives changed.  My husbands’ son has terminal cancer.  He had enrolled in the ACA healthcare system.  I will not say anymore, but I have had absolutely no life since this has happened.  It is hard enough with the illness, but to have to deal with a System that is absolutely doomed for failure, was unreal.

So here I am, not being able to even get to my Blog, we are taking a respite from it all and going to Choctaw Land and I will be in la la land putting my money into a machine that will help me shut out the world.  I plan on either being in our Suite, or in the Casino.

Maybe I will take some pictures and do a Blog on our trip.  There is a great Quilt Store close by, but I had purchased so much fabric before 22 April that I know I have absolutely no more room at the inn.

I have 2 blocks completed – Pat Sloan’s BOM, but will not be able to post them until later.  I am hoping that this trip will help me clear my head for awhile and we can get back to supporting my step-son and husband in this new journey in life.

Have a blessed week – I know I will

2 Replies to “Choctaw Casino – Here we come!”

  1. Just make lots of blocks and dig into your stash and have fun. I am in Montana at the moment and will go fabric shop shopping today, like I need more myself. It is about the ride girls. I am a big freely touchy fabric buyer. Aren’t we all? Just sew.


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