Happy Memorial Day

Good morning all and I hope that you are having a wonderful Memorial Day Week-end and had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I am now back in my Studio and starting to catch up.  My step-son was diagnosed with Terminal cancer on his 50th birthday – 22 April 2014 – and our lives have changed forever.  I have been working the paperwork shuffle for him and making sure he gets the best care he can with the best doctors in San Antonio.  That has been accomplished and he is getting ready for his first Chemo.  He is doing as well as to be expected in such a horrific diagnoses.  We had a great Mother’s Day with my step-son and daughter and Clay’s nephew.  It was a great day and we are trying to have as many good days with all as we can.  Darryl has a personality that is very unique.  He has a wonderful wit and is so hilarious when you get him going!  He has a good heart.  He and I have things in common because we are both such A Type personalities,  just too inquisitive. and have that tendency to be “obsessive” about things.  We laugh about the fact that when we were kids we drove our parents nuts with our over active minds going all the time!  I know I did!

For now I am back in the Studio and starting to catch up on my projects.  I am finding that in working with the reproduction fabrics it takes time to select fabric.  I love working with them and it is such a challenge.  I also love my batiks and will be starting on Rosemary Youngs new BOM at her site rosemaryyoungs.blogspot.com.  I am going to do this project in batiks.  (I hear them calling me – they have been ignored lately  LOL)

I have had some time to wash some new reproduction fat quarters and half-yards I had ordered – they are now ironed and folded and ready for use!  Glad to get that finished – just have my fat quarter package of Barbara Brackman’s Ladie’s Album fabrics to do and that can wait!

Our weather has been overcast and Friday we did get some rain.  I hope that we have a rainy week.  It would be wonderful for the drought. Yesterday I worked on a block from the Austen Family BOW and hopefully I will be posting some pictures soon.

Until then,  have a blessed day.



3 Replies to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. That’s very sad news about your family member–it’s good that he has your support and is in a place with excellent doctors. I hope your quilting gives you some distraction and solace.


  2. We are all very sad with the stresses you and your husband are going through in your life at this time. The best thing for you (as a quilter) is to get into your studio and dive into your fabric and do some serious sewing. It always works for me. We will keep you in our prayers.


  3. I would like to thank all for prayers, I hesitated to post the situation, but did not want to lose my Blog audience since it is such a new one. I am hoping to do as Jaydee says – GET TO QUILTING! Hugs to all


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