Life and Quilting

The weather here in South Texas has been great – I have not had time to really enjoy it, but it is cooler.  It looks like a hot and dry summer coming down the road!  Darn!

I am now behind in my projects again, but I am needed elsewhere.  A lot of paperwork to be done when someone in the family is sick.

I am hoping to have things in order soon for the family and will have time to work on my projects.  We never know why we go down certain roads  in life or even when working on our projects.  I am so glad I have a lot of hand projects on-going.  I will not be entering any shows this year, maybe next year.  This is not the time.

For some reason I am involved in the BOMs, BOWs, Lucy Boston, Di Ford quilts, etc.  So this will make it easier for me to work on quick short monthly/weekly projects.  I am hoping to have some progress and posts during the week-end.

For the meantime, I am now going to use Marti Michell’s templates.  She has a sign up sometime this month for those who want to do the Farmer’s daughter.  She lists the blocks and relates them to her templates.  So I am looking forward to that project.  Maybe I will get more done than I realize.  I am thankful that my health is so good this year.

Until later, have a blessed day.


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