Quilting Projects – One Done, One Deleted, and One Added

Most of the time when I start on a project I finish it.  I can remember starting a BOM about 3 years ago and the outcome was horrible. That was my fault.  I did not pre-select fabrics that would blend throughout the quilt, so it did not turn out well.  I started on one of my projects, but long story short – it bombed.  The fabric selection for the Country Threads did not work out due to working with small pieces and fabric that frayed.

In previous years I would have kept pushing myself until the block was perfect, driving myself nuts while doing so, but this time I decided I would  not do that, (another goal for 2014).   So I quietly disposed of some of the parts, kept the usable ones, put the fabric back in the stash box, and decided to move on.

I decided to look for another project to replace Country Threads.   I happened to find Globetrotting by Pat Sloan.  I signed up for her blog http://www.PatSloan.com.  The instructions are great, good visuals, and provides 2 color choices, along with how the quilt setting looks.  So now back to fabric selection for this one.  I am thinking I will go with batiks, OR I have some blues and might make a 2 blue quilt.   The pattern is not difficult and will be a fun project.

I did finish Linda’s grandson’s quilt yesterday.  If you ever wondered why it is so expensive to have a professional quilter quilt your quilts, let me share with you the hours spent in quilting this quilt.  I sewed the back together which took about an hour.  Then it takes about 2 hours to load the quilt.  Care had to be taken to make sure the top was centered correctly since she used a print and solids side panels on the quilt back.  It took me about 7 hours to quilt the quilt and trim it.  I do mostly free motion meandering and really need to work on learning how to do pantograms as it would be time saving for me. Now most of the  professional quilters have the machines that are computerized and all they do is input the design, turn on the computer and machine, and go bake a cake.  I am still in the dark ages as mine is not computer driven.  It is Nanette driven!

I am glad I pushed to get it finished as I am now through with my commitments (except for the BAS projects) and can really start having some fun.

Here are some pictures of the finished work:

Until next time, have a wonderful day – make a quilt!

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