Organizing My Quilt World

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In 2009 when we doubled the size of our “play” Studio, we had a great indoor carpet laid by one of the best companies available.  Each year it appeared that there were problems with the installation.  The carpet  in one of the rooms appeared to have bubbles in it.  Long story short – the company came out and advised us that they would rip up the existing carpet and re-install new carpet (and at no charge to us – just move everything out of the room).   Wouldn’t you know that the room just happened to be where I keep the majority of my fabric for quilting and my computer area.  I really dreaded having to just move the fabric from one room to the other because I knew that would be a chore in itself.  But, my 2014 promise was to get organized, so I decided that there might be a better way to put the fabric back on the shelves.  I took each piece of fabric that I have (1 to 10 yard pieces) and folded them into flats.  It was a good idea, but the entire process took over 4 days to complete.   Hubby was the real unlucky one – he had to tear down the computer desk and put it back together.  This was not his favorite part of the party and I do not blame him.

 Here is a picture of what the stash looked like before:

Here is the “After” picture:

This fabric is on the opposite wall in the same room.  I decided that I just had to refold all of this fabric into flats to make better use of my space.  It worked (so did I):

Here is a picture of my computer area.  Hubby made this from cabinets and a counter top from Home Depot years ago.  I love it.  He customized it for me this weekend – see the little shelf above my CPU on the left?  He built that for me to put my external hard drives and help remove clutter from the desktop!  He also built the pull out shelve for the keyboard.   Clever guy!

Here are some pictures of my sewing room.  See the plastic bins?  I emptied 5 of them.  It is always nice to have a quilting friend who can use the scraps and fabric that I know I would never use.

This is my Handi-Quilter.  The table was one that they sold in 2005 when I purchased the machine.  Terrible engineering.  Hubby remade it for me and it works great.

When I first started quilting I used a regular ironing board, and we all know how much fun it is to iron a 2 yard piece of fabric on one.  When we added this room I purchased the Elfa cabinets and Hubby cut a piece of Mahogany for me and I covered it with muslin.  Wonderful ironing board.

This corner has two wonderful windows where I can watch the birds and squirrels when I am working on a quilt.

As I was refolding all the fabric, I kept asking myself, “What have I been doing”?  All of this fabric and I still purchase more?  Well, today I am no longer subscribing to some quilt stores – Yup, need to start using this fabric and quit collecting it.  I still have some in the house that I purchased while in Arizona and Oklahoma this winter.  Almost nowhere to put it.  So now that I am so totally organized, and rested from this ordeal, I am going to start working on my 2014 projects.  
I have completed all the preparation work for the BAS blocks, just need to start working on them.  Time now to go play and work on my Threads of Memory, Benjamin Biggs, and Country Threads.  The Austen Family Album quilt BOW is starting in April……….Yikes!
Have a great day.  

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