The Baltimore Album Society Donation Quilts – The Process

It is a nice day today here in Texas.  We are hoping for rain this weekend.  I have been working on the preparation work for the 2 Small Quilts for the Baltimore Album Society Internet Auction.  

I have traced all pieces for each block and now I am ready for fabric selection.  I have not decided whether or not to do them in batiks, reproductions, or other fabrics.  There are approximately 100 pieces in each block.  The Hervey Quilt block will be the easiest to applique, but the Lady of Victory Block will take a little more time.  My goal is to have the fabric selected, freezer paper pieces pressed and marked and ready for applique by Monday.  I will need to have them appliqued and quilted and ready to go no later than the 8th of August.

The preparation work is usually the most difficult.  Selecting the colors and fabric are fun, especially as I applique the pieces onto the background fabric.  It always amazes me when the project is complete!

Here is a picture of the background fabric I have selected.  One might barely see that I have traced the pattern onto the fabric.   I am using Michael Miller Krystals number 1008-D.

Below is the pattern for the Hervey Block.  A few pieces to work on.

Below is the pattern for the Lady of Victory Block.  A few more pieces to work on.  I have not worked on a Horn of Plenty block before, should be fun.

Next week I will start quilting Linda’s quilt for her Grandson.  Linda and I try to get together twice a month and quilt.  She did a great job on this quilt.  
My goal is to have it quilted by the 21st of March, probably sooner.  Linda was able to find some matching fabric for the back. 
.Have a great day.  

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