My Dutch Triangles – Quilted

I do not know how I did this today, but it is quilted.  Of course, in my quilting life nothing really goes easy.  The stitch regulator on my Handi-Quilter decided to act up, and when I got to the last row to quilt, I realized that the backing was even with the top and no extra wiggle room.  Now this is a nightmare for a long arm quilter.  The rule is to add 4″ to the quilt back on all sides so there is plenty of fabric to “float” the quilt top. I figured that it seemed to go well with this quilt – probably a payback for letting it sit for almost 14 months.   After I took it off the frame I realized that I had squeaked on this one.  It came out just right – do not know how this happened, but as I said before, my quilting life is not all that perfect.

The quilt measures 88″ x 100″ – WOW.  I did free motion meandering and I used a gold thread.  Well, I am now half blind and have eye strain and I think my back will be sore.  I had to almost lay on the quilt in order to see where I was going (LOL).  Anyway, I will never leave a quilt in the frame as long as I did this.  2013 was not the best year – do not think it was a good one for anyone – I am just glad to have finished the project.  Now for the binding.

I really love all aspects of the quilting, but somehow we quilters feel that we have “finished” a quilt when the top is complete, but lo…… there is one step left – making the sandwich and quilting it, then the joy of binding it!  I just love making tops, not sure about all the work that goes into either machine or hand quilted quilts, and the binding on a large quilt like this is just not fun to do.

Have a great evening.  Next project – finish the preparation work on my 2 Baltimore Album quilt blocks for the BAS Auction.   The quilt is so large it is difficult to get a good picture, but I am pleased with them.

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