Organized – At Last

I have finally become an organized Quilter!  Wonder how long this will last.
I have cleaned out tons of downloaded patterns from 2000 that will never be made, or used for that matter. The trash man loved me yesterday!  We were in the Spring mode this last week-end – now we are back to Winter, with a little rain.  So as we all do in Spring, it was time to clean things out.  Time to move new things in.

I have finally started quilting the Dutch Triangles, the poor quilt that had been loaded in the frame since January 2013!  I found the pattern on the back of a 2007 Quilter’s Newsletter magazine.  The original quilt maker is unknown.  I chose fabrics that I had purchased in Branson, Missouri in 2002.  They were probably some of the first reproduction fabrics.  When I decided to make the quilt, I had realized that pinks were really not my favorite colors, but since I had purchased the fabric line, I shut my eyes and made the most of selecting the fabrics.  This quilt was also my first attempt at making a scrappy quilt.  I made the blocks up but a friend come over and helped me with placement.  Here is a picture of the quilt that was in the magazine:

A picture of the quilt loaded and some quilting that I was able to do late Sunday afternoon.  Yesterday was not the day for quilting – it was an errand day.  So today I am headed off to quilt.  I hope I can finish it today. This will be a “utility” quilt so I am doing free motion meandering.  

Now this was not a “planned” picture, I just happened to catch the famous Oscar Picture Tweet – Interesting.

This is my Handi-Quilter (of 2005) and the now infamous table that did not stay on the market very long – Hubby had to re-engineer the table because of its’ instability.

Until next time, relax, have fun, and enjoy quilting.

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