Spring is Coming?

Here in South Texas, the weather is so confused that we have been through all 4 Seasons in the last 6 weeks.  This is just a hard to deal with as individuals who live in the Northern part of the country having to deal with all the snow.  I yearn for the good ole’ days when we had “Seasons”.  Change of the Seasons is so good for our physical and mental health.  But I guess we must learn to adapt to changes.

This year I decided I would set project goals and so far so good.  The Irish Mist put me behind about 3 weeks, and I volunteered to be a Moderator for the Applique Boutique Yahoo Group.  I am enjoying all of it.  It is so nice to connect with other Quilters and see their work and learn new ideas or challenges.

I am now starting on my 2 Baltimore Album Quilt Blocks for the Baltimore Applique Society (BAS)  fund raiser. I volunteered to make 2 blocks.  So I am now in the process of tracing the pieces from the pattern on to freezer paper, cutting them out and putting them in baggies.  The next step will be to select fabrics.  Now that can be fun, because I must decide whether to make them both traditional Baltimore Album’s or maybe make one with Batiks –  I love batiks but of course, batiks were not on the market in the 1800’s!

Here are pictures of the blocks that I have selected.  I have until August to complete them.  They will be auctioned off on the BAS Internet Fund Raiser Auction at a later date.

I will post my progress.   Along with this project, I will be quilting a Civil War Reproduction quilt that I made using some fabrics I purchased in 2002.  The fabric line came out in 2000.  I finished the quilt in 2006, but I have let it gather a lot of dust and it is time to finish the quilt!

Have a great day and stay warm, cool, or dry – whichever weather you are blessed with!

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