Irish Mist In Red and Black

It is always a happy day and yet a day of relief when a Quilter finishes a project.  This project turned out to take me longer than I had planned, but I am very pleased with the outcome.  Lessons learned in making this quilt.

  1. Review the pattern completely.  Try to match the cutting instructions to where the pieces will go in the quilt.  
  2. Consider adding an extra 1/4″ to cutting instructions for Flying Geese, HST, and QST’s.  This will allow the Quilter to have extra fabric to “square” or “trim” the piece. 
  3. If the pattern does not make sense, or if measurements are not provided to sections of the quilt (i.e., like the triangle that I had problems with in this quilt), call the Designer and ask for those measurements.  
  4. Do not give up on a pattern when you run into a problem.  Designer’s really do not mind questions to clarify and assist. 
Enjoy the pictures, and now on to my next project.  I will be making 2 Baltimore Album blocks for the Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) auction.  They will be due in August 2014.  So time to get going on that.  I will document how I prepare my needleturn applique projects. 
I will also be starting on another pieced quilt to work on during the day, but have not decided which one is next.  I want to make Marsha McCloskey’s Feathered Star quilt, but not sure I want to tackle two intense quilts right now.  

Have a great day and hope you enjoyed the process. 

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